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Widespread flooding raises concerns over livelihoods and food security1 min read

A bridge in Guadalcanal damaged by cyclone Herald.

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Tropical Cyclone Harold has left the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu is now braised for what has developed into a monster storm with reports already reaching authorities of widespread flooding having occurred across the country and in parts of Port Vila, the capital.

In the Solomon Islands there are growing concerns over food security after Cyclone Harold flooded and washed away many of the food gardens in the Guadalcanal Plains.

The director of the local national disaster office, Loti Yates, has confirmed that much of the plains are under water after days of torrential rain, and several villages have lost their food source.

Mr Yates is reported by the Solomon Star newspaper, today, has having said assessments are still being carried out and the full extent of the damage should emerge by Tuesday this week.

Many of the communities in the Guadalcanal Plains grow produce to sell in Honiara and are wholly reliant on the returns to support themselves and their families.

Amidst the concerns about coronavirus, the latest challenges to lives and food security come as a huge setback to the people and will add to the governments pre-occupation with health and livelihood issues.

Sources:  Solomon Star News and Radio New Zealand bulletins.

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