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Wale supports call for PPEs to provinces1 min read

Honorable Mathew Wale, Leader of Opposition, MP Aoke Langalanga

The Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale calls on the government to take note of the concerns raised by the Director of the Malaita Provincial Health Services, Dr. Henry Kako early this week.

[sociallocker id=”1343″] The Opposition Leader points  out that, “The bulk of our population reside in the provinces hence it is important for our overall preparedness plans that the provincial health workers, authorities and their systems are now engaged in any plans to roll out PPEs and access to other important health equipment”.

He says the earlier these steps are taken the better for our provinces to prepare themselves to deal with our people.

“The spread of the country and the unpredictable weather patterns are factors that can be serious impediments to effective implementation of government plans.  They must never be discount.

“At least all our provinces should be made aware of some realistic time line on when and how they will receive their PPE supplies, and how these are to be used.

I therefore call on the government and the responsible ministries to take the comments Dr. Kako as constructive suggestions and not efforts to undermine government efforts,” says Hon Wale.[/sociallocker]


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