Home News Students given until 29 Feb to appeal assessment result1 min read

Students given until 29 Feb to appeal assessment result1 min read


The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) has given until end of February 2020 for student who may wish to appeal their assessment results.

Results for 2019 grade six, forms 3 and 5 has already released except for forms 6 that is yet to be out.

With only a week away from the commencement of the 2020 academic year, the Ministry through its National Examination and Standard Unit (NESU) pinned up an APPEAL FOR RECONSIDERATION form on its website for students to appeal their assessment results if they have noticed irregularities with their assessment.

The Solomon Islands Herald (SB Herald) understands, all students have the right to appeal their result of ‘unsatisfactory’ received for an assessment or for the feedback provided by their teacher.

To appeal a decision the student will need to fill in the Assessment Appeal Application Form and refer it to the responsible authority.

Also, candidates may apply for reconsideration if they believe that their work has not been assessed correctly and they wish to have it re-marked against the assessment schedule.

Download the appeal for reconsideration form below or on the link here. https://www.mehrd.gov.sb/images/PDF_Files/Vacancies/Appeal%20for%20Reconsideration%20(003).pdf


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