Home Public Notices Special weather bulletin three (8/02/2020)1 min read

Special weather bulletin three (8/02/2020)1 min read

Cyclone Warning

Special weather bulletin number three issued by the solomon Islands Meteorological service at 7:00 PM, Saturday 08th February 2020.

A special weather advice is current for all provinces.

Situation: Saturday 08 February 2020, 5:00pm, a tropical low with a central pressure of 1000 hectopascals was located near 14.0 degrees latitude south and 163.4 degrees longitude east. This is approximately 196 nautical miles southeast of makira province.

Expect winds of 25 to 33knots (46- 61 kilometers per hour) with rough seas and moderate swells (2.5-4.5m) over makira, Rennell/Bellona and Temotu province.

Expect winds of 20 to 25 knots (37 – 46 kilometers per hour) increasing to 30 knots (55 kilometers per hour) at times with moderate to rough seas and moderate swells (2.5-3.0m) over remaining provinces.

Expect heavy rain and thunderstorms over all provinces.

The SI MET service advices people to take precautionary measures as bad weather associated with the tropical low poses threat to lives and properties.


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