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Solomon Ports joins Ports Australia1 min read


Solomon Ports is proud to announce it is now a member of Ports Australia, commencing on 1st of December.

The new partnerships will promote Regional connectivity, Knowledge sharing, opportunity to participate in working groups for mutual benefit and improvement of port standards.

Solomon Ports Chief Executive Officer, Mr Eranda Kotelawala said partnering with Ports Australia will Strengthen regional ties, improve knowledge sharing and training opportunities for development.

This is a leap step forward connecting the ports and maritime sector across the pacific region and we feel welcomed to be accepted as a member.

Ports Australia’s Chief Executive, Mike Gallacher said “this relationship is the start of something greater for the region’s maritime industry, Ports Australia can’t wait to begin a long and strong partnership with Solomon Ports”

“Our local Australian members will look forward to learning from the knowledge of Solomon Islands Port Authority, just like they’ll be keen to share their own.

 “Welcome to Solomon Islands Port Authority, we’re excited to help grow our region together,” Mike said.

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