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Solomon Ports farewells longest serving staff1 min read


Solomon Ports this week fare welled its longest serving staff, Mr. Chris Tugumana at SIPA headquarters in Point Cruz, Honiara.

Members of SIPA’s finance department organized the event to Farwell their colleague, who served as the SOE’s paymaster for 38 years before retiring this year.

Mr. Tugumana, who hails from Vara Village in Santa Isabel Province, joined the ports authority in 19th January 1982 as a ‘Clerk’ in the pay clerk Office (Payroll Office).

He was promoted to the position of paymaster in 1985, a position he held until he officially retired in 2017, but he was given contract for three years, which lapsed this year.

Mr. Tugumana was also the pioneer of change for Solomon Ports as he was one of the first employees to use computers when it was first introduced in 1985.

His colleagues described him as fun person to work with, and a person who showed leadership and commitment throughout his time at Solomon Ports.

Speaking during the farwell ceremony, SIPA chief Executive Officer, Mr.Eranda Kotewala hailed Mr.Tugumana’s loyalty and faithfulness to the Ports Authority for such a long period of time.

He said Mr.Tugumana was a witness to the development and progress of Solomon Ports over the decades and years.

“He was here for 38 years and has been through the port authority’s ups and downs but was still determined to serve and contribute to the progress of Solomon Ports,” he said.

“ I want to thank Chris for serving this place with a good heart, and I would like to say he is a role model to current staff, with the commitment he has shown for the past 38 years, and we wish him all the best.”


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