Home News SIFF president to tour Western Province1 min read

SIFF president to tour Western Province1 min read

SIFF President William Lai.

The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) President William Lai will visit Western Football Association (WFA) next week in Gizo. 

WFA was currently run by a normalizing committee after its former executive was disbanded due to some administration setbacks. 

Lai’s visit is mainly to oversee an elective congress for WFA where they will elect a new executive to carry out football administration in Western province. 

The football boss then will meet with Western premier and see how both WFA and the Western provincial government can work together to develop football. 

A key agenda set for the meeting is how Western province could invest in hosting national youth football tournament after recently winning the Youth Solomon Cup twice in Honiara. 

The SIFF president will be accompanied by a legal representative Don Marahare. 

Lai will be the chief guest at the finals of the Western Cup.


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