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School results out next week1 min read

James Bosamata.

School results are expected to be released to the public early next week.

Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development James Bosamata confirmed to The Solomon Islands Herald (SB Herald) Online in an email conversation.

“Results will be released next week. If not Monday, will be Tuesday,” he said.

The results to be released next week are for Form 3, Form 5, and Form 6.

Standard 6 results already released in December 2019.

The standard six exam is the Solomon Islands Secondary Entrance (SISE), Form 3 – Solomon Islands Year 9 (SIY9), Form 5 – Solomon Islands School Certificate (SISC) and Solomon Islands National Form 6 School Certificate (SINF6SC).

Form 7 results can be accessed from the University of South Pacific (USP) Honiara Campus since Form 7 results are for students who will further their education at tertiary level through acquiring scholarships.

The SB Herald Online understands results normally released after the Minister of MEHRD signs them off.

The 2020 academic year is expected to commence 27 January.

Over the past weeks, parents and guardians eager to know the results of their children as the start of the academic year is fast approaching.


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