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RSIPF officers in Temotu Province encouraged to maintain discipline at all times1 min read


The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Assistant Commissioner (AC) Joseph Manelugu encourages officers in Temotu Province to maintain discipline at all times when he addressed a muster of officers at the Lata Police Station on 10 June 2020.
AC Manelugu says, “The RSIPF is a disciplined organisation and we as police officers must maintain discipline when are on or off duty. Whether we off or on duty we are still police officers of the crown. We are mandated to perform our duties with showing no favours to any one.”
“Our work is to serve our people. As police officers we serve are to safe life and properties. This means when there is a need from the communities we must act upon and deal with it.”

During the muster questions and comments were raised in relation to the challenges faced in terms of resources at the Lata Police Station.
AC Manelugu responded: “I welcome the challenges. I told the officers that the issues raised will take time to address. We must learn to be patient. It is not that easy as one may think.”
As part of AC Manelugu’s visit to Lata, a training was conducted on Crime Prevention and Coast Watchers, which is on border security. Another presentation during the training will be on the reporting and how to deal with administrative issues.
A parade was mounted in front of the Lata Police Station to welcome AC Manelugu to the Station.


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