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RSIPF is the best in the Pacific says outgoing Police chief1 min read

Outgoing Commissioner Varley inspects a female platoon of the RSIPF for the final time.

Outgoing Police Commissioner Matthew Varley says the Royal Solomon Islands Force (RSIPF) is the best Police Force in the Pacific.

Mr. Varley uttered the statement while delivering his final speech at a farewell ceremony organised to farewell him at the Rove Police Headquarter today.

“…The RSIPF is now the best Police Force in the Pacific,” he said.

“…RSIPF is in very good shape. It is a well-trained, capable and effective organization, filled with talented officers who want to serve their nation, and led by committed and dedicated senior officers of integrity,” the outgoing Police Chief added.

Outgoing Police Commissioner Varley and his family leave Honiara tomorrow.


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