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RSIPF farewells two SIPDP advisors2 min read

Acting Commissioner Mangau presents Advisor Battye with the Certificate of Appreciation.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) today farewelled two police advisors under the Australian government-funded Solomon Islands Police Development Program (SIPDP) who have completed their two-year mission  with  the Program.

The advisors are David Holland and Mark Battye, who have worked within various departments within the RSIPF advising and building the capacity of officers within the departments since 2018.

“On behalf of the RSIPF Executive and all the ranks and file, I would like to thank both advisors for the great work they have achieved within front line, sexual assault and professional standards they have been assigned during their time here,” says Acting Commissioner, Mostyn Mangau.

Acting Commissioner Mangau adds: “The RSIPF has greatly benefited from the advice you have rendered and the training that you have been able to give the officers you have worked with. We really appreciate your contribution to the future of the RSIPF. I salute you both for this great effort.”

“I feel honoured to have served the RSIPF and the Solomon Islands community during my two years here. I was deployed the first time to the Solomons in 2009 and have always felt a special place for the land and its people. I leave here with fond memories and respect for my counterparts which have taught me staka,” says Advisor Holland.

And from Advisor Battye:

“Tagio tumas to the RSIPF family for making me feel so comfortable and happy as part of the RSIPF team.  I spent much of my time with the NCID Sexual Assault Unit and was very proud of the work undertaken there.  There is increasing awareness for sexual assault and gender based violence, which is making people more confidant in police and reporting.  Making communities safer is the end goal and we are progressing towards that.  I worked with many great RSIPF officers over a busy period that included the National General Election (NGE) I look forward to seeing my RSIPF friends’ careers and great work continuing onwards and upwards.  I will miss the Solomon people and culture very much.  Mi hope fo lukim iu again samfala time soon.”

Acting Commissioner Mangau presented each of the outgoing advisors with a letter of appreciation  and a RSIPF plaque.


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