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RSIPF arrests 10 suspects for alleged breaching second night of curfew in Honiara2 min read

Police officers at Henderson east of Honiara manning the Lungga check point

Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) have arrested another 10 suspects and detained one vehicle for alleged breaching of the second night of the curfew under the State of Public Emergency which was enforced from 8pm 11 April to 5am 12 April 2020 within the Emergency Zone in Honiara.

Officers from the Henderson Police station manning the Poha check point

The 10 suspects have been placed in the Honiara City Central police station watch house awaiting further dealings from the National Criminal Investigation Department (NCID) through advice from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP). The detained vehicle will also be awaiting a Court decision.

The Point Cruz area in central Honiara empty during the curfew last night

Acting Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau says, “Despite the 53 arrests during the first night of the curfew on Friday night and a further 10 last night the majority of our citizens are very law abiding and I must commend you for this. I appeal to our good people to take these matter seriously and avoid breaching whatever regulations are endorsed by our Government   under the State of Public Emergency as it tries to keep us safe from this deadly virus entering our country.”

Commissioner Mangau adds: “Although there were 10 arrests last night, it shows people are cooperating and listening to the orders despite a few deciding to disobey resulting in their arrest.”

 “There are heavy penalties including fines and imprisonment for anyone who is found guilty of disobeying the curfew. The maximum fine is $10,000-00 or five years imprisonment or both if found guilty by the Court.”

“I appeal to all citizens of Honiara and of Guadalcanal province to observe this curfew and any future curfew order that may decide d by the Government as important and stay at home during the curfew period. Do not go out unless it is critical. Let us work together with the Government as it tries its best to protect us all and our children from COVID-19,” says Acting Commissioner Mangau.


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