Home News Quarantine passengers well taken care of 2 min read

Quarantine passengers well taken care of 2 min read

A member of the emergency response team delivering water bottle supplies to those passengers quarantined at Guadalcanal Beach Resort, Henderson.

The more than 60 incoming passengers who are currently undergoing the compulsory 14-days quarantine at the Institutional Quarantine Sites were well taken care of since its establishment on 25th March 2020. 

Solomon Islands bound passengers were chaperoned from the arrival lounge and transported directly to the quarantine sites (Guadalcanal Beach Resort, VIMO Apartment and Solomon Islands Sports Leadership Institute Centra at Panatina) which is first of its kind for the government agencies to undertake a virus-related case.

Whilst in their isolated rooms, quarantine travellers were provided with hygiene kits, basic guidelines, power supply and orientation on house rules for their comfort during the duration of their stay.

Church groups have been engaged to provide catering and housekeeping services at the sites.

Health and Medical personnel’s were also stationed at each site to monitor and provide medical treatment should an ill case arise.

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force also conduct regular mobile patrols to the sites on daily basis.

Feedback mechanism between persons undergoing quarantine and Camp Management Operation Centre has been also established. 

There are areas which needs improvement and Camp Management Operation Centre is consulting its partner working groups (National Emergency Response Team of NDMO, Health Sector, Solomon Islands Red Cross, Churches and World Vision International SI) to address. 

Most of the quarantine persons (total of 65) will be released by end of next week after completing 14-days as it corresponds with the known incubation period of the novel corona virus (COVID-19).


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