Home News Prince of Wales to address Parliament today1 min read

Prince of Wales to address Parliament today1 min read

HRH Prince Charles chats with Sergeant Elizabeth Tekaingo with family and friends. Photo: RSIPF Media

His Royal Highness Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne is will addressing the National Parliament of Solomon Islands today.

According to the Provisional Order Paper, Parliament’s Business for today will begin with prayers as usual and a statement of government business for the week ending Friday 29th November 2019.

After the reading of the statement of government business for the week, Parliament will be suspended as the Speaker exits the Chamber to welcome receive His Royal Highness at the main entrance of the Parliament House.

Last Monday, Parliament had resolved to invite His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales on to the dais to address Parliament.

The Speaker of the National Parliament, Hon. Patteson J. Oti, Members of Parliament and staff of the National Parliament are humbled to receive his Royal Highness at the Parliament House.

Parliament will be adjourned straight after His Royal Highness’s Address to Parliament.

Source: Parliament Media


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