Home News Police uproots marijuana plants in Renbel Province1 min read

Police uproots marijuana plants in Renbel Province1 min read

Some of the uprooted marijuana plants stored at the Tigoa Police Station. Photo: RSIPF Media

Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) at the Tigoa Police Station in West Rennell, in the Rennell Bellona Province have uprooted marijuana plants at Kanava village in central Rennell on 27 February 2020.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander Rennell Bellona Province Staff Sergeant Eddie Peseika says, “After receiving information from members of the community, officers went to Kanava village and uprooted the matured marijuana plants grown in the Village.

“Police is now investigating who is responsible for cultivating the marijuana plants so they could be brought to justice.”

PPC Peseika says Police will not tolerate any person involved in the cultivation of such an illegal drug which can only cause more crime and anti-social behavior in our communities.

“I call on the chiefs, elders, church leaders and the good people of Rennell Bellona Province to work hand in hand with your police at Tigoa to reduce the drivers of crime for the good of our Province,” says PPC Peseika.


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