Home News Police officer suspended for missing vehicle1 min read

Police officer suspended for missing vehicle1 min read

Acting Police Commissioner Mangau.

An officer of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has been suspended from duties in connection with the disappearance of a vehicle which was detained at the Police Kukum Traffic Centre after being involved in an accident in September 2019.

The suspension followed initial investigation by the RSIPF Professional Standard and Investigation (PSII) after the owner of the vehicle discovered the vehicle missing from the Kukum Police Station when she went to check on the vehicle on 25 December 2019.

“The RSIPF takes any allegation of misconduct against its officers very seriously. There is an allegation that the suspended officer is a suspect in the matter of the missing vehicle so I have suspended him to allow the PSII to continue its investigation. He has been suspended on half pay and will not be allowed to perform any police duties while on suspension,” says Acting Commissioner of Police, Mostyn Mangau.

Acting Commissioner Mangau explains: “I want to clarify here that the officer suspended is not guilty until he has been proven so by a court of law.”

“I have all confidence in the professionalism of all RSIPF officers but I want to encourage members of the public to report any allegation of misconduct against any officer with the necessary evidence to the PSII to ensure that the Force maintains its professionalism and increase the public confidence in the RSIPF,” says Acting Commissioner Mangau.

PSII investigates allegations of misconduct against officers of the RSIPF and if there is enough evidence, the matter is referred to the Court.


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