Home News Police intercept, warn Bougainvilleans for illegal fishing in SI water1 min read

Police intercept, warn Bougainvilleans for illegal fishing in SI water1 min read


Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) have intercepted and warned Bougainvilleans for illegal fishing with in Solomon Islands waters on 4 December 2019 during a sea patrol conducted along the common Solomon Islands-Papuan New Guinea border.

Police Forward Command Post (PFCP) Command, Kulitanai Inspector Kerry Sireheti says, “RSIPF intercepted the Bougainvilleans close to Kukuvulu Island while they were doing their illegal fishing in Solomon Islands territorial waters.” 

 “There were four dugout canoes and an 18 feet ray boat powered by a 15 horse power engine. My officers warned them and encouraged them to check in with Solomon Islands authorities before doing any movement in our waters. Three dugout canoes already reached the Kukuvulu Island for fishing while the other one on its way to the Island.”

Inspector Sireheti says, “This is the second time we have warned them for illegal fishing within Solomon Islands waters. The first time was just a few weeks ago but they still keep on coming in to do illegal fishing. This is not a good way of doing things. They should call in at our designated ports at Mono, Kulitanai, Harapa and Kariki for clearance before they can do their fishing activities.”

“We are not closing the border. The border is open under the Traditional Border Crossing (TBC). We are here to facilitate the traditional border movement between parts of Choiseul Province and Shortland Islands in the Western Province.”

 “It is good that we must respect each other. Solomon Islands is a sovereign nation itself. We are here to assist other Law Enforcement Agencies to protect our borders.”


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