Home News Police deploy 78 officers for election duty in Makira1 min read

Police deploy 78 officers for election duty in Makira1 min read


A total of 78 Police officers has been deployed to the Makira-Ulawa province to provide security in the province election.

By-election in East Makira Constituency and the Makira-Ulawa Provincial Assembly Election will all be held on Wednesday 11 December.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) of Makira-Ulawa Province, Superintendent Peter Sitai says the officers will be engaged to provide security for the polling and counting days.

PPC Sitai says that out of the total, 16 are officers sent from Honiara to assist officers in the Province.

He affirmed that the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) is ready to provide security for the by-election in East Makira Constituency and the Makira Ulawa Provincial Assembly Election.

“Deployment of officers started on 8 December and most officers are already at their respective polling stations in the province.”

“I appeal to the general public to behave ethically during the polling and counting day as this is a day the voters will elect their provincial political leaders to lead them in the next four years. Police will not tolerate anyone causing any disturbance or committing any crime during this process,” says PPC Sitai.

The by-election in the East Makira constituency is to elect a Member for Parliament after the former passed away not long after his election in April this year.

The Makira Ulawa Provincial Assembly election is the normal one held every four years to elect MPAs to represent the various Wards in that province.


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