Home News Police ‘Clirem traffic’ operation starts in Honiara1 min read

Police ‘Clirem traffic’ operation starts in Honiara1 min read

A traffic officer conducts a RBT on a taxi driver in Honiara.

Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) at the Kukum Traffic Centre in Honiara will be conducting traffic controls at different locations in the capital city starting from tomorrow (29 January 2020).

Supervising Director Kukum Traffic Centre, Inspector Doreen Vaea says, “The aim of the traffic operation is to ensure the safe and easy flow of traffic throughout the Mendana Avenue area near the Honiara Central Market and enforce the Traffic Act.”

 “This will provide a safe and smooth flow of traffic for all road users including emergency vehicles, public buses, pedestrians and all other vehicles in the area of operation.”

The areas of operation will include:

  • Commonwealth street;
  • The Point Cruz Hotbread roundabout;
  • Honiara Central market bus stop;
  • Honiara Central Magistrates’ bus stop; and the
  • Honiara City Council round about.

“There will be a high visibility police presence in the identified locations.”

Inspector Vaea adds: “The traffic operation is to enforce the Traffic Act to ensure a safe and continuous flow of traffic, ensure public buses do not block the traffic and they comply with all relevant laws.”

“I appeal to vehicle owners, pedestrians and drivers to corporate with police during the operation. We will check for driving licenses, third party documents and vehicle licenses during the operation,” says Inspector Vaea.


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