Home News PM to officially open cable landing station in Taro1 min read

PM to officially open cable landing station in Taro1 min read

The PM at the cable landing station in Honiara. The PM will travel next week to Taro to open station there.

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare will officially open the Taro Cable Landing Station in Choiseul province, Monday next week.

The landmark opening is expected to bring benefits of the submarine cable to Taro.

A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet (OPMC) stated that Taro is a key provincial centre and a strategic centre.

“The Government consider the cable as an integral part of ICT led development for the country. Taro is also a strategic location from where the Government intends to also expand cable connectivity to other centres,” it said.

The statement said the Solomon Islands Government would be looking with great interest on the benefits that this landmark opening will bring to Taro and the people of Choiseul province.

“The first clear signs of development are now been experienced with Taro now enjoying the 3G service from Our Telekom.”

Taro generated over a twenty-fold increase in usage during the trial demonstrating the pent up demand the cable will release. Prime Minister Sogavare will be accompanied by the Minister for Finance Hon Harry Kuma and the Minister for Communications & Aviation Hon Peter Shanel Agovaka.


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