Home News PM praised, described as ‘person with great vision for SI’1 min read

PM praised, described as ‘person with great vision for SI’1 min read


Makira-Ulawa Province Deputy Premier Joe Takeli has highly commended Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and described him as a person with great vision for the country.

Mr. Takeli uttered the statement during a courtesy visit to the Prime Minister this week when he (Takeli) accompanied the Premier of Makira Province Hon. Julian Makaa, MPA.

A statement issued by the PM’s Press Secretariat stated that after listening to Prime Minister Sogavare sharing his government’s plans and his aspirations for the country, Hon. Takeli took an opportunity to express to the PM his gratitude and appreciation.

Hon. Takeli described Prime Minister Sogavare as a person with a great vision for the country.

He stated that with the vast experiences that Hon. Sogavare has earned over the years, he believes the Prime Minister has become to be the person that this country needs in order to move forward.

Prime Minister Sogavare during the meeting, shared some of his experiences in politics and governance.

The Deputy Premier also took the opportunity to thank the Prime Minister for availing his time to meet and described meeting the Prime Minister as a great honour.


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