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OPMC initiates Govt-Media dialogue2 min read

Media managers and government officials after the dialogue at the OPMC Friday 24.

A Government-media dialogue has been initiated involving senior government officials and media managers in the media industry.

In a first of its kind meeting held Friday 24, the Deputy Secretary to Prime Minister Dr Derek Mane who chaired the meeting briefed the media managers on the new initiative undertaken by the Office of the Prime Minister  & Cabinet.

The government-media dialogue is purposely to create an enabling environment for the media and to look at how best the Government and media can work together.

“The dialogue will also give the OPMC and the Government the opportunity to listen to views and criticisms from the media on how best information can be disseminated to the public proactively and efficiently,” Dr Mane said.

Deputy Press Secretary to Prime Minister Douglas Marau took the opportunity to also brief the media managers on the Government’s plan and strategy to boost the government communications sector.

“I must acknowledge that we have not done our part in proactively disseminating information to the public and that we need to improve on that,” he said.

Opportunity was also given to the media managers to share their views.

SIBC General Manager Ronald Buaoka when acknowledging the initiative encouraged the OPMC to also coordinate information dissemination in all the other ministries.

SBM online owner Robert Iroga has acknowledged the importance of the dialogue as a platform to create a better understanding and cooperation between the Government and the media.

Solomon Star producer Catherine Lamani has also shared similar sentiments stating that as much as possible, the media would really like to work with the government to provide awareness to the people on the good things the government is doing.

“There are a whole lot of good things the government is doing but it never gets reported and that is where the challenge lies,” veteran journalist Alfred Sasako said.

Island Sun Editor Priestley Habru has highlighted the need for a better coordination between the Government Communications Unit and the ministries.

The first dialogue session was attended by SBM owner Robert Iroga, Island Sun Editor Priestley Habru, Island Sun senior reporter Alfred Sasako, Solomon Star producer Catherine Lamani and SIBC’s General Manager Ronald Buaoka.

From the Government, DSPM Dr Derek Mane, Deputy Press Secretary to Prime Minister Douglas Marau and Government Communications Director George Herming, attended it. Dr Mane has welcomed the views shared by the media managers acknowledging that such dialogue will continue to better inform citizens in this country.


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