Home News No tsunami threat after quake1 min read

No tsunami threat after quake1 min read


There was no tsunami threat to Solomon Islands following an early morning earthquake in Honiara, on Friday.

This was revealed by a statement issued by the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service (SIMS) after a locally felt earthquake of magnitude 5.5 occurred at 12:41am early this morning (3rd Friday 2020) south of Honiara.

The SIMS statement added that the tremor epicentre is located approximately 21 km South of Honiara, near Latitude 9.65Degrees South, Longitude 159.92 Degrees East.

However, there is no tsunami threat warning issued to the Solomon Islands.

No damages reported but people are encouraged to keep listening out for further updates through radio and other mediums available.

The early morning quake has sent many residents in Honiara out of their homes.


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