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MHMS COVID19 Preparedness Continues1 min read

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As to date there is no confirmed Coronavirus disease case detected in Solomon Islands. The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), with other Government Ministries and Partners continues its preparedness efforts to prevent potential importation of COVID-19 into the country.

As part of its preparedness a site has been identified for Quarantine. Mrs McNeil Permanent
Secretary of MHMS, wishes to thank the support of the Landlord in providing the venue and
site for quarantine purposes.

The quarantine site is a place to monitor people who are not sick, however, may have been
exposed or have been to restricted and affected countries.

The World Health Organisation has provided and will providing technical and financial support to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services for the set up and furbishing of the quarantine site.

Any person who becomes ill while being quarantined will be immediately transferred to the Isolation centre, for appropriate medical care by trained health workers.

There is no evidence to suggest that surrounding communities nearby to the quarantine site are
at risk of being infected of COVID-19, since those quarantines are well persons.

People living around the quarantine site(s) are kindly reminded to remain vigilant by practising good personal hygiene behaviours, and respect the quarantine sites at all times by not going near the
quarantine sites(s).


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