Home News Man, 30, arrested after wounding incident in Western1 min read

Man, 30, arrested after wounding incident in Western1 min read


Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) at Ringi, Western Province have arrested a 30 year old male in relation to a wounding incident that occurred at Rapata Village, Kolombangara Island, Western Province on 30 November 2019.

The incident occurred at about 6 am on 30 November 2019 when the two parties broke into a fight.

It is alleged that both parties were under the influence of alcohol when they started arguing. During that time the accused was armed with a bush knife. As they argued, the accused swung the knife towards his opponent. The knife missed the opponent and landed on his cousin brother who tried to stop them from fighting.

The victim received serious injuries on both hands while trying to save the other person.

He was rushed to Poitete Aid post for medical attention and was referred to Gizo Hospital for further treatment.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Western Province, Staff Sergeant Leslie Mule says, “Police at Ringi responded to the report and arrested the accused and placed in a cell. He was then interviewed and charged and taken to Gizo where a remand application is to be made.”

“I would like to call on villagers living in and around the area of the incident to assist police with the investigation.” Further to this may I appeal to the General Public of the Western Province to consider the safety of each individuals within their community before they act.


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