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Mae is new PS for Ministry of Traditional Governance1 min read

PS Peter Mae (L) with other Government Ministries PS and Minister for Public Service.

The Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs (MTGP&EA) has a new Permanent Secretary (PS)-Peter Mae.

He sworn-in at the Government House on Wednesday 5th December following his appointment this week.

Mr. Mae has been a vital member of the Solomon Islands public service arena serving within the public service since 1989. The focus of his public service activities ranged from capacity building to covering numerous operational, management and strategic, policy planning as well as criminal justice and investigation processes.

He has also been a leader in a series of external research teams and assignments from 2010 and onward and recently doing co-writer to various papers for Journal publication on peacebuilding, conflict, social institutions and economics.

Prior to his appointment he is the Under-Secretary Policy Planning Programme Development with the Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs.

Mr. Mae served in several capacities including as the Chief Policy Planner Analyst (security) of the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs.

His education covers a broad range of learning. He currently undergo a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Policy and Administration, holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Administration majoring in Governance, Public Sector Management & Public Policy and Sector Leadership, holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management Public Administration and History Political Studies, all from the University of the South Pacific (USP), as well as numerous certificates in: Public Administration, Management Studies and Criminal Law.

He has also received recognition’s as a result of learning activities offered by national and international training institutions and universities. The sworn in ceremony on Wednesday 5th December was attended by Minister of Public Service and other government officials.


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