Home News Island Gospel Music Ministry donates to Australian bushfire relief1 min read

Island Gospel Music Ministry donates to Australian bushfire relief1 min read


Island Gospel Music Ministry has donated a total cash of $2,410 towards the Australian bush fire relief fundraising drive at the Prime Ministers Office today.

The ministry’s lone singer Thomas Giosia when donating the cash said “Australians since the 18th century era with their missionaries has help us a lot in terms of spiritual development which we live to date.”

“They are a true friend to us during our darkest day’s for instance ethnic tension, therefore we must show our appreciation by giving either small or big amount of money.

“I have been to Australia and witness the impact which fire catastrophe put to human lives,” he said.

Mr Giosia shares that aim of the ministry is to preach good news as echoed in his music songs and proclaiming the wonderful act of God.

The money donated are those he collected from his street singing activities around the city.

Old time singer Giosia said his songs are locally composed blended island style gospel music.

Chair of the Government Special Committee for Australia bush fire fundraising Dr Derek Mane sincerely thank the efforts of Mr Giosia and commended the good work of his earthly ministry.

Dr Mane is also pleased to learn the experiences Mr Giosa had while travelling around Australia in the 1990’s as a young Solomon Islands singer.

In the meantime, the fundraising committee wind up fundraising activities last week and is now working on the report to present to Cabinet and also for formal handing over to the Australian High Commission office in Honiara.


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