Isabel Province donates towards Australian bush fire relief efforts1 min read

    MEDIA RELEASE 11-03-20

    Isabel Premier Lesley Kikolo and his Secretary John Lokumana handing over total cash of $135,000 to Chairman of the bushfire fundraising committee Dr. Derek Mane at the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday.

    Isabel Province has donated a total cash of $135,000 towards the Australian bushfire fundraiser drive.
    Premier Lesley Kikolo and his Provincial Secretary John Lokumana during handing over of the money yesterday (11/03/2020) at Prime Minister’s Office attest that Australia is a true when we really need their help from past and to date.
    “This donation shows the heart and appreciation of the Isabel people towards Australia when they are affected by the recent fire tragedy.”
    “It’s a collective effort of the rural based people and those residing in Honiara,” the provincial leaders said.
    Australia government through Ausaid funding has funded some infrastructure project in parts of Isabel in the past years.
    Premier Kikolo adds that their fundraising efforts has been effective because of the “tripod” committee’s assistance seeing traditional leaders, communities, churches and the provincial government working together to raise funds.
    Since last month they staged wheel barrow push throughout most of the villages and an open donation stall at Lata station.
    Chairman of the bushfire fundraiser committee Dr. Derek Mane thank the Isabel Government and its people for their kind donation.
    He said this donation fosters the Isabel Melanesian spirit of helping a true friend when troubles arise.
    He said their committee will finalize the fundraising report for cabinet and awaits presentation to the Australian Governor General’s state visit which will be officially announced soon.


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