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HCC warns against farming of animals within residences in the City1 min read


The Honiara City Council has issued a warning against residence farming animals within commercial and residential areas.

Following complaints, a statement was issued advising residents of Honiara City to immediately stop farming and raising animals.

“Farming and raising of animals such as “Pig[s], Chicken[s], Duck[s], and other animals” raised for the purpose of human consumption or  profit represent a health risk in a densely populated urban environment such as Honiara because of their droppings, smell, and propensity for scattering rubbish around,” the statement said.

“Noise from these animal[s] crying is also causing psychological health problems for residents.”    

If residents are found to contravene regulation 22 of the Environmental Health (Public Health Act) Regulations (the Regulations) which provides that no person shall cause a nuisance.  ‘Nuisance’ is defined to include:

  • Any animal or bird so kept as to be injurious to health (regulation 24(f)).

Residents are therefore notified under regulation 25 of the Regulations, that as residents of Honiara City, you are required to remove the nuisance by getting rid of the animal[s].

Enforcement action will be taken against you if you do not comply with this notice.


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