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Gov’t resumes policy awareness programme in Makira-Ulawa2 min read


The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) is resuming its provincial policy awareness meetings this month.

A team from the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit including three Makira-Ulawa national members of Parliament will be visiting the Province this week to meet and update the Provincial Government and other community groups of the DCGA policies and programmes.

The Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Maelanga is also expected to accompany the team upon request by the Makira MPs. The DPM is visiting in his capacity as Minister for Infrastructure Development to familiarize with some proposed project sites.

The awareness programme will cover major national projects including the operationalization of the Development Bank of Solomon Islands (DBSI), progress on the independent Anti-Corruption Commission, Initiatives on Land Reform and Traditional Governance as well as other priority areas intended for Makira-Ulawa Province.

In terms of land reform and traditional governance, discussions will focus on the proposed intention to make amendments to the constitution so that Solomon Islands have a dual legal system to secure customary law and common law jurisdictions in the constitution.

 The proposed customary law jurisdiction is intended to affix the Makira-Ulawa traditional governance bill and land law reforms in order to protect their existence, security and sustainable development pillars for the people of the province. A fundamental reform program of the DCGA government will be rolled out to other provinces later in the year.

The awareness programme is a collaboration with the recently formed Makira-Ulawa Provincial Executive to assist them with their policy formulation process.

Early this year, during his courtesy visit to the Prime Minister, the newly elected Premier for Makira-Ulawa province, Hon. Julian Maka’a invited the national government to conduct a policy awareness with its executive. This is to assist them affiliate their work programmes with those of the DCGA.

“We are looking forward to align our policies and programmes with the policy directions of the national government so that we travel in the same direction,” Premier Maka’a said.

The first of the series of awareness programmes conducted by the policy team in Auki in October last year.


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