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Gov’t delivers stimulus package to local exporter2 min read

Chairperson of the Economic Stimulus Package Oversight Committee, Mr. McKinnie Dentana hands over the key to the 3 –tonne Isuzu pick-up truck to Duddley Longamei of Kubonitu Holdings.

The Government this week delivered an Isuzu 3-tonne pick-up truck to local buyer and exporter of Kava products, Kubonitu Holdings.

This is as part of the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA)’s Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) initiative.

Chairperson of the Economic Stimulus Package Oversight Committee and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury Mr. McKinnie Dentana handed the keys to the new vehicle, to owner of Kubonitu Holdings, Duddley Longamei during a low- key ceremony.

In receiving the support, Longamei expressed his gratitude to the National Government for its recognition of the need of the company.

He stated that the support provided under the ESP initiative is a boost for the company.

He also stated whilst this support will benefit the company, this also goes a long way in which the company will be able to cater to meet the needs of local farmers around the country who sells their kava products to the company.

In response, Chairperson of the ESP Oversight Committee Mr. Dentana stated,

“We are also very proud to support this project, this is for the betterment of our nation, especially of our local exporters and our local farmers who will benefit in their own way and contribute positively to our economy.”

Mr. Dentana further stated the interest of the Government to see local farmers and exporters expand their areas of interests which in will benefit themselves and the country as a whole.

Dentana revealed that the Government under the Economic Stimulus Package also injected cash into Kubonitu Holding to help the company buy cava from farmers around the country.

Kubonitu Holdings is a locally-owned company that buys kava products from local farmers and exports to international markets such as the United States.

Mr. Dudley revealed that of the support his received from the Government, he anticipated to export 10 metric tons or 1 container of  Kava in August.

This will be first in history for Solomon Islands to export Kava in containers.

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