Home News Government keen to support investors – PM Sogavare1 min read

Government keen to support investors – PM Sogavare1 min read

Prime Minister Sogavare in a group photo with Mr. Hon (second from left), Mr. Gao (third from right) and other officials from the Office of the Prime Minister and Gold Ridge Mining Limited.

The National Government is fully committed to work together with and provide support to investors who are willing to do genuine investments in the country.

This is according to the Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare when he met with the Chairman of the Gold Ridge Mining Limited

Mingqing Gao together with Gao’s business partner Mr. Hau Wong Hon yesterday.

Prime Minister Sogavare stated that the government welcomes investors to invest in the country.

He further acknowledged that the government is currently addressing important issues such as land reform, taxation and other issues that might hinder investments.

Prime Minister Sogavare also highlighted the potential for investing in the country’s tourism industry.

He further acknowledged the government’s commitment to expand the International Airport and decentralizing developments to the provinces.

Mr. Hon in response, commended Prime Minister Sogavare for his great leadership and for his positive response in welcoming potential investors to the country. Mr. Hon is in the country to see the developments into the Gold Ridge Mining and will use the opportunity to venture around the country for any potential investment opportunities.


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