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Fire fighters give back their hearts1 min read

A representative of the SI Fire and Rescue Department hands over the cash donation to Committee Treasurer Pellion Buare at the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Solomon Islands Department of Fire and Rescue Services of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has donated SB$18,840.00 as donations keep coming in towards Australia’s Bushfire fundraising drive.

Representatives of the Fire and Rescue Department yesterday donated the money to the Bushfire Fundraising Committee at the Prime Minister’s Office after a series of fundraising events within the department.

A representative of the Firemen said their small donation is to give back to the government and people of Australia who have supported their department in bigger ways.

“This is a small donation that comes deep from our hearts,” the representative said.

The Solomon Islands Fire Department has received a lot of technical assistance from the New South Wales Fire department in recent years.

Three weeks ago, the Japanese LEAF project group which works in partnership with the Honiara City Council (HCC) also donated SB$10,000.00 towards the Bushfire fundraising drive.

The group’s donation was made following a public request for assistance towards the Mataniko River clean-up campaign which receives donations towards the Bushfire fundraising drive.

A representative from the LEAF project team said they sympathize with the victims of the Australian Bushfire and they hope their donation will assist in a small way.

The Solomon Islands Government has commissioned a fundraising Committee to receive donations from the Government, Private entities and individuals during the raging fire events in Australia last month.

Money raised will be forwarded to Australian authorities at the conclusion of the fundraising period.


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