Home Economy Development Bank of Solomon Islands (DBSI) Soft Launching2 min read

Development Bank of Solomon Islands (DBSI) Soft Launching2 min read

DBSI soft launching, Heritage Park Hotel, Honiara Solomon Islands

Prime Minister
Prime Minister Sogovare with other MPs and guests

Today the 19th of December 2019 marks an incredible milestone for the well known Development Bank of Solomon Islands (DBSI). A bank that has been liked by many locals yet going bankrupt in 2004.

To some this is good news; its’ inception will help provide lending schemes and other benefits that will stimulate business opportunities for the locals.

For others, there is still some shadows of doubt as to how this will turn out. The story of its bankruptcy still lingers and that history might repeat itself. There are many public opinions around the notion that there is chance for the core functions of the bank will coincide with political interference at some point in the future.

However, the Honourable Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare in his keynote address highlights the importance of resurrecting this initiative. He strongly emphasize on reasonable interest rates that benefits both the lender and borrower. Administrative and operational segment of the bank will be tightened and improved based on lessons learnt. This involves hiring talented skillsets and capacity building.

Prime Minister Sogovare and Jackson Fiulaua

Another guest speaker, Mr. Trevor, highlights the significance of ICT in driving the business functions of the bank. His presentation then followed by a demo of the core modules of the System that’s going to be procured by DBSI.

He also gave an overview of the reputation of the Software Company, current clients and core developers programming strength.

The program ended with final remarks from the Honourable Jackson Fiulaua. He shared his experience as a hard working local businessman and how DBSI helped him to purchase a chainsaw in the form of a loan.

The Solomon Islands Herald document some of the audio files and images from the event for the readers. These files attached along this post.

Keynote Address, Hon. Prime Minister Sogavare
Trevor, ICT systems and Demo
Final Remarks, Hon. Jackson Fiulaua

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