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Deputy Mayor: Enforcement Operations to continue1 min read

Deputy City Mayor Charles Chekah Aiwosuga.

Deputy Mayor and Chairman for Law Enforcement Division Charles Chekah Aiwosuga says the HCC Law Enforcement Officers will continue with their operations with the Police this weekend.

He said though our country is still free of the Coronavirus, measures imposed by the Government and authorities must be adhered to for prevention.

Aiwosuga said they will charge anyone found breaching these measures or causing nuisance within the City.

He said the public must be reminded that we are still under the State of Public Emergency and residents must listen to advises and abide with it to avoid further consequences.

The Deputy Mayor also encourages those who are yet to remove their betelnut stalls to voluntary remove them or actions will be taken.

He added that social distancing must always be practiced and everyone must be cooperative to prevent the Coronavirus.


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