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Deaf people needing help in the Solomon Islands1 min read


Some years ago I read that deaf people in the Solomon Islands were the most neglected of all the disabled in the country.

 I happen to believe that the situation has not changed much for the better and many children are missing out on school because of their hearing disability.

 There is known to be a relatively high incidence of deafness in the Solomon Islands due to poverty-related diseases such as malaria, meningitis and rubella.

 I know of the good work the San Isidro Care Centre at Aruligo provides for deaf people but I doubt the Centre has adequate help by way of funding and cannot accommodate and aid the large number of deaf young people that suffer hearing loss in the country.

 It seems a great shame that deafness is stopping those with hearing loss being empowered in their lives, and especially losing out on vital education in relation to children of school age.  I believe hearing aids could make a real difference and why I have so often written about the need for help for the MOHMS in giving out donated hearing aids, but so far I have not been able to attract the support from outside sources that could really make a difference. By way trying to get help,  I will circulate this story on my website – www.solomonislandsinfocus.comand publish it on my Linkedin page.
I really do hope someone, or some donor organization will help to alleviate the concern I have for those with hearing loss and difficulties in the Solomon Islands.
Please, help.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short



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