Home Environment Cyclone Rita initial damage assessment underway in Tikopia and Anuta2 min read

Cyclone Rita initial damage assessment underway in Tikopia and Anuta2 min read

Satellite Imagery of TC Rita in rela9on to Anuta and Tikopia Islands, Temotu Province, Solomon Islands.

The Initial Damage Assessment (IDA) on the impacts of Tropical Cyclone Rita in Tikopia and Anuta has started and is currently underway.

A Temotu Provincial Government led assessment team is currently conducting the initial damage assessment.

The team left Lata on Saturday 30th November and are now in Tipokia, and will then move on to Anuta in the next day or so.

Reports reaching the National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) in Honiara from the team indicate there is no significant impact in the various sectors on Tikopia as earlier anticipated.

However, assessment will continue to determine the level of preparedness by the communities in both Tikopia and Anuta.

This is very important in the event of another cyclone threatening the area given the average of two TC prediction for Solomon Islands 2019/2020 TC season.

In the Health sector, immunisation of children is being conducted in the two islands as part of an ongoing immunisation program by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services. This however, will help significantly in the event of any outbreak of diseases as a result of the aftermath of Cyclone Rita.

The National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) in Honiara has also scale down its operational support to PEOC Lata given that TPG has taken the active role in leading the response at the Provincial level.

NDMO through the NEOC however is closely monitoring the situation and will support respond to the immediate needs of those affected based on the outcome of the Initial Damaged Assessment currently being conducted.

Since we are just into the second month of our cyclone season, the NEOC wishes to advice the general populace in the country to listen and take heed to alerts and warnings issued by responsible authorities to help minimise the impacts of unstable weather conditions that might affect your areas.


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