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Councillor Ngati on Ward development for 20202 min read

Cr Reginald Ngati. Photo: IslandSun Online.

Councillor for Vura Ward Reginald Ngati said his ward is ready to carry out plans under the Vura Ward Development Strategy Plan developed last year.

He said a survey was conducted last year, on who are the developing partners to assist the ward developments in Honiara.

“Based on assessment following the survey, the Vura Ward Development document was launched last year and it is the working document for Vura ward,” he said.

“There are four major key partners identified to support the development within ward,”

“First is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID) who are responsible for road maintenance and drainage systems. Also the CAUSE project under the ministry is seen as an important key player,” he added.

“Currently the road and drainage systems are in bad condition and needs urgent repairs from MID.”

“Secondly, the Solomon Power also contributes towards the development of the ward by providing electricity.”

“The other is Solomon Islands Water Authority (SIWA), who provide the much needed water for sanitation and also responsible for pipe leakages,” he said.

“A proper assessment should be made by SIWA on broken pipes and leakage which also affects the roads and other inconvenience to the communities.”

“Finally the fourth key player in development is the Honiara City Council (HCC) in terms of ordinances and bylaws to keep the ward and City organized and functioned in a friendly and healthy manner,” Ngati added.

He said there is a gap in which people need to know more about HCC, and said he will be conducting awareness with each division of the Council in the communities.

Ngati added that there are 12 communities within Vura Ward and they will also help out in the advocacy to be carried out.

He further urged the key development partners and other stakeholders to work closely, with all the wards for the betterment of communities and wards within the City.


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