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City Mayor reshuffles two Divisional Chairpersons1 min read

City Mayor Wilson Mamae.

The City Mayor Wilson Mamae has made a reshuffle of Chairpersons within the Divisions of Honiara City Council.

Chairman for Finance and Councillor for Vavaya Ward Cr. Billy Abae has been sidelined and is replaced by Chairman for Women, Youth and Sports and Councillor for Kola ward Cr. Francis Idu.

The Women, Youth and Sports Division will come under the Mayor’s Office, until a new Chairperson is appointed on a later date.

Also the appointment of Councillor for Vura Reginald Ngati, as the Chairperson of Ad hoc committee for Councillors Entitlement, has ceased.

The reshuffle will not affect the service delivery of the Council as it is an internal matter within the Governance.

The reshuffle is effective as of 27th April 2020.


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