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Celebrate with a final musical concert1 min read


The professional musicians of the Dionysus Ensemble who are in Honiara giving instrument training and music education to the young, talented musicians of the Solomon Islands Piano Association (PASI) have just 5 more days before they will leave and return to the United Kingdom.

Judging from reports reaching me, the PASI members have benefitted from the attachment and training and they will give a public performance of their instrumental abilities at the St Barnabas Cathedral at 6 pm this coming Tuesday.

As support for PASI, and by way of a token of gratitude to the Dionysus Ensemble trio, and to give wider recognition to the appreciation of music as an art form, I would like to appeal to the Acting Commissioner of Police and to the Honiara Band members to join forces with PASI and the Dionysus Ensemble and hold a further public concert combining the two bands before the UK musicians fly out from Honiara.

Brass instruments combined with the string instruments of the PASI students and the Dionysus Ensemble could provide an enjoyable concert to put the seal on a worthy project, the very first of its kind for the Solomon Islands and one I believe has been a great motivator for a majority of local people and especially for a good number of youths.

Please give the idea some consideration.


Frank Short



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