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Australian bushfire fundraising activities this weekend1 min read

Bushfire heads towards NSW town of Yass as firefighters battle Kentbruck blaze. Photo: news.com.au

The Government Special Committee for Australian Bush Fire Victims in Partnership with Friends of the City, the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology, MECCDMM, Honiara City Council, HCC, and Honiara Band Association, HBA, will be hosting two major fundraising activities this coming weekend.

The planned fundraising activities will be a mass clean-up of Kangkung at Mataniko river this Saturday 25th January 2020 from 8 am to 12 pm, and Alive Band Aid Concert at Town Ground Ruby Stadium on Sunday 12 pm to 6pm.

The Kangkung clearing/removal activity (operations Kangkung) is part of the Special Committee’s on-going fundraising drive to raise funds in aid of the Australian Bush Fire Victims.

The area marked for the clean-up is between the old and new Mataniko bridges. Boats and water will be provided for those who will be joining the clean-up.

Those wishing to participate are advised to bring knives, rakes and other relevant tools that can be used in the clean-up activity.

For the Alive Band Concert, tickets and T-Shirts will be sold at the venue.

Meanwhile the Committee has thanked the Government ministries and other stakeholders for the support shown during the corporate table fundraising last week.

The event has raised a net total of $818,729.00 SBD.

Funds raised during the events will go towards the Australian victims affected by the devastated bush fires.

The Committee appealed to stakeholders, business houses, groups and individual citizens in the country to support the joint fundraising effort for a good cause.

Donations and funds raised can be handed to the Committee Chair and Deputy Secretary to Prime Minister Derek Mane or deposited into BSP Bank Account “SIG Natural Disaster Appeal Account”.

The theme for the Australian Bush Fire Victims fundraising is “Iumi Tugeda Fo Australia.”


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