Home News All arrivals from China last night cleared to quarantine stations1 min read

All arrivals from China last night cleared to quarantine stations1 min read

Solomon Airlines upon arrival at the Henderson Airport from China

Following thorough health screening of all arrivals from the China-Honiara flight on September 02, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), National Health Emergency Operations staff on sight have cleared all 104 passengers to their designated quarantine stations.
All the incoming travelers were assessed for the symptoms of COVID-19, temperature check upon arrival and detailed history on testing including documentary proof of having tested for COVID-19 as per the requirements put by the Solomon Islands Government.
Health operations at the airport went smoothly and according to the standard operating procedures.
Though all arrivals were tested negative for COVID-19 at least twice prior to boarding the flight from China, they are still subjected to mandatory quarantine and health assessment and testing during quarantine as per existing requirements governing entry into Solomon Islands.
The usual daily health monitoring for any signs and symptoms of COVID-19 will commence as of today up until the last day of quarantine.
Should there be any persons in the quarantine stations showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19, the, person will be examined by a physician at the NRH and tested for COVID-19. Depending on the test report and based on the condition of the quarantined person, appropriate medical management will be carried out. The NHEOC is reviewing the procedures again today and in the coming days will conduct short training rehearsal to enhanced readiness of the response Teams.
We are thankful to our partners for successful integrated operations between MHMS, Camp management, Customs, Immigration, Biosecurity, and Civil Aviation among others and thankful to the patience and approach taken by the incoming travelers to ensure successful operations to keep Solomon Islands safe.

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