Home Opinion Frank Short Acquiring hearing aids to help SIers with hearing difficulties1 min read

Acquiring hearing aids to help SIers with hearing difficulties1 min read


Opinion by Frank Short: Some weeks ago I wrote about the need for hearing aids for those in the Solomon Islands communities that have impaired hearing and hearing loss, especially affecting several young children.

In the United States I know of one or more charity organizations that donate hearing aids to those with such disabilities and I wrote to the US Consulate in Port Moresby seeking to get some assistance.

Apart from an initial reply to my request saying I would receive a further reply, I have not heard anything more, despite a second letter from myself.

Now that Her Excellency the new United States Ambassador to the Solomon Islands has assumed office in the Port Moresby Embassy, I would encourage either the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, or the Solomon Islands Association for the Deaf, to seek advice and possible help from the US Embassy in trying to get hearing aids for those with deafness handicapping their lives and likely education at home.

The US Ambassador recently met with Prime Minister Sogavare and assured him of US assistance in ongoing development assistance to the Solomon Islands.   I consider health assistance to be in that context and especially important considering the MOHMS has insufficient specialist doctors to deal with deafness.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short



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