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NZ community assist in the refurbishment of Malau’u Health Centre2 min read

Two men working on the Maluu repair and maintenance project

An article published in the Solomon Star newspaper last week told how the Malu’u Area Health Centre in North Malaita was undergoing refurbishing work specifically with the repainting of the entire building facility.

It was of real interest to me to learn of the refurbishing given my concern for the general state of similar health facilities in the country, but all the more so because it was revealed in the Star’s article that the New Zealand community of Malborough had established a charitable organisation aimed at helping others in need and this had been the means of the project work at Malu’u.

The full story of how the Malborough community came to be involved was revealed, and I quote from the Star’s article.

“This refurbishment work was supported by the Marlborough community in New Zealand through a Malu’u man David Alifeo, who is married to Bridgette Knox of New Zealand.

“The couple came two years ago and saw the need to clean up the building.

“Mr. Alifeo said that when he and his wife saw the only Area Health Centre in the region  being dirty, they felt that they had to do something about it.

“With a strong determination in mind, he and Bridgette went back to New Zealand and talked to their community about the proposed support.”Mr Alifeo said the Marlborough community responded very well with donations and would also like to receive feedback about how well the recipient community responded in receiving the support. “The Marlborough community assured Mr Alifeo that should there be a positive response seen with the Malu’u community when receiving the support, they would willing to offer other support in the future.

“With the community response, Mr Alifeo said it was amazing to see the Malu’u community contribution and participation in the renovation initiative. He said during some days the turn up was overwhelming.”

Mr Alifeo and his wife Brigette, along with the Malborough community are due thanks for the help given to the Malu’u community with the refurbishment of the Area Health Centre.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short



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