Home News A message from the Tourism Solomons team1 min read

A message from the Tourism Solomons team1 min read

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SI Tourism Team
Tourism Solomons head of sales and marketing, Fiona Teama (kneeling on right) with members of the Honiara-based head office team.

Solomons Is. Still here – Solomons Is. Still smiling
But no kam yet plis

We Solomon Islanders have an innate ability to smile through even the darkest of days.

And there’s nothing that makes us happier than an opportunity to have you come visit our wondrous Solomon Islands and see for yourself just why we are so uniquely different.

That time might not be right just now – but it won’t be long before the time IS right and when that happens, we will be more than ready, complete with the biggest of smiles, to show you some of our true Solomon Islands hospitality.

We are known as the ‘Hapi Isles’ for a very good reason.

If you have already booked, there’s no need to cancel – just postpone your visit until the time is right.

We’re not going anywhere, we’re very much here and we’re very much still smiling.

But plis – no kam yet.


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