Home News 7 arrested for breaching City Council laws1 min read

7 arrested for breaching City Council laws1 min read


The Honiara City Council Law Enforcement officers have arrested seven people on separate offences and have been placed in custody to appear in court.

This include 4 females and 3 males.

 HCC in a statement today says that three of those arrested are under warrant of arrest, one with committal warrant who have fail to pay court fine, two hawking in public place and one obstructing officers for carrying out their duties.

In the statement, Head of Division Robert Madeo said this is a stern warning to those who are not complying with the HCC ordinances that tough measures will be taken.

He added that his officers are now monitoring the streets of illegal hawking and betel nut vendors are advised to abide with what the HCC is trying to enforce.

“More arrests will be done if people are still continuing with such habit,” he says.

The HCC Management urged all residents and the public to support HCC to make Honiara a clean, safe and healthy City.


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