Home News 6 RSIPF recruits sworn-in as new Constables2 min read

6 RSIPF recruits sworn-in as new Constables2 min read

Six officers take up their oaths.

Six recruits of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) have been sworn-in as new Constables before the Acting Commissioner Mostyn Mangau on 9 December 2019 at the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara.

Speaking to the officers, Acting Commissioner Mangau says, “I am pleased to inform you that you had successfully met the competency requirement of the Police Academy and I am happy to administer your oath of office.”

“Your oaths requires you to diligently discharge your duties without favour or affection, malice or ill-will towards any person. You are to cause the peace to be preserved in the communities you serve and you are required to prevent offences against the peace to the best of your skills and knowledge. You are to discharge all your duties faithfully according to law,” says Acting Commissioner Mangau.

He explains: “The public demands that the integrity of police officers be above reproach. Police officers shall, therefore, behave in a trustworthy manner and avoid any conduct that might compromise integrity and undermine the public confidence in the RSIPF.”

“You are always police officers, day and night, and you are responsible for showing all who meet you that you are proud of that fact and proud of who we are as RSIPF officers. Always wear your uniform with pride at all times. Always remember how proud you felt on the day in the Academy when you first put on the sky blue uniform.”

The six officers were part of the 55 recruits who graduated on 16 October this year but they did not meet the competency requirement of the RSIPF recruit training package at that time. They were given an extension of three months.

“The RSIPF is a disciplinary organization, therefore expect its officers at all times to uphold the highest discipline. Members of our communities and fellow senior RSIPF officers in Solomon Islands are kindly requested to welcome these new constables into whatever communities they will be tasked to provide policing service in. Assist them to do their jobs well for the sake of peace in our communities,” says Acting Commissioner Mangau. 


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