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It’s not a mock lockdown: AG Muria1 min read

Attorney General (AG) John Muria Junior.

Attorney General (AG) John Muria Junior has clarified that the lockdown is not a mock exercise.

AG Muria explained that the lockdown is a legal process to allow Government authorities to test its capability and preparedness against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Any Order done under the state of public emergency is a legal instrument. Therefore, it is an offence if anyone breaches an Order. You are simply breaking the law and you will be arrested and charged.

The AG encouraged citizens to listen to advice and stay at home during the 36hour lock down period.

The AG further explained that the Orders are necessary because it goes to the heart of the national security of our country.

“It is a necessary step our Government is taking to protect its citizens,” he said.

A lockdown is set to take place from 6pm on (Wednesday 20th May 2020) to 6am on Friday 22nd May 2020.

The lockdown will only for Honiara between Alligator Creek to Poha River.


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