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16 Quarantine Stations in the country1 min read

A member of the emergency response team delivering water bottle supplies to those passengers quarantined at Guadalcanal Beach Resort, Henderson.

Recent Amendment to the Emergency Powers (Declaration of Quarantine Stations) Order 2020 (No.3) see new sites being added which totals to 16 Government Approved Quarantine Stations.

Fifteen sites are located in Honiara City and one in Western Province.

Government operated Honiara Quarantine Stations are: Guadalcanal Beach Resort (GBR), Vimo Apartment, Access Apartment, Solomon Islands National Institute of Sports (SINIS) Hostel (Ranadi), Henderson Fever Clinic, Oskar’s Lot/RAMSI Street, Chengs Building, Pacific Casino (eastern wing), Honiara Hotel (eastern wing), Heritage Park Hotel (Block 1-4), Airport Motel and King Solomon Hotel.

Diplomatic Quarantine Stations shouldering their own costs are: Residence of the Director-General of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency, Residence of staffs of the New Zealand High Commission at Panatina Ridge and Residence of the British High Commission at Ngossi.

The one in Western Province at Gizo Hotel currently housed persons who have breached the State of Emergency Lockdown Regulations by crossing the SI-PNG border. These station is taken care of by the Western Provincial Disaster Office Committee (P-DOC).

Repurposing works on Noro and Munda QS’s nears completion whilst assessment and costing for Choiseul Province QS has been completed and submitted to National Disaster Office Committee (N-DOC) Chair.

The QS’s are manned by trained emergency workers of the Camp Management Sector Committee established under the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO).

Currently, a total of 57 persons are undergoing the mandatory quarantine period in various QS’s which includes the 3 Westerners down at Gizo Hotel, Western Province.

Most of those returnees on the 4th government coordinated repatriation flights early this month have been graduated and released last week.  

Vacant rooms in these stations have been decontaminated, cleaned and resourced with hygiene kits awaiting the arrival of another batch of repatriated nationals tonight on board Solomon Airlines from Brisbane, Australia.

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