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15 buses arrested1 min read

Buses arrested at the HCC Head Office

The Honiara City Council Law Enforcement has arrested 15 buses for running short bus routes.

The buses arrested were running short bus route from the Central market to Didao, Talise, and Discount at Ranadi.

All bus drivers and conductors were brought to the HCC Law Enforcement office for charges and will appear in court.

Since the short bus route has affected commuters, HCC has taken a stand on those who are not complying to provide the services expected on the routes.

The HCC Management strongly advised all bus owners to comply to avoid such arrests that would affect their services and residents.

The public are also urged to assist HCC by providing pictures or plate numbers, dates, time and routes for those buses running short routes and provide them to the Law Enforcement Division or can call them on 21191.

The numbers of arrests are expected to increase as the operation continues.


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